Sparkling Wine Tips

Popping bubbly on NYE? Here are some tips from our sommeliers to keep in mind:

1. What is your top tip for pouring sparkling wine? When popping the cork, turn with your hand at the bottom of the bottle, rather than twisting from cork. Since there is more surface area here, you will have better leverage.

2. How do you store unopened sparkling wine? How long can you store it for? Sparkling wine should be stored the same way all wine should be stored: the bottle on its side, in a cool, dark, and humid place. A wine fridge is ideal as it can control for these factors, but if you don’t have one, a basement or other temperature-controlled location in your house will suffice. Sparkling wine can usually age for at least a few years due to its high acidity and carbon dioxide that act as natural preservatives.

3. How do you store opened sparkling wine? How long can you store it for? Ideally the sparkling wine should be consumed at the time it is opened, but can last another day or two with a hinged stopper. Never use a regular cork as the pressure from the carbonation inside might cause it to pop out. Always keep open bottles of sparkling wine stored in your fridge since carbon dioxide is more soluble in cold liquids than in warm, and this will help keep your wine fresher and more bubbly.