TORRONTÉS – Varietal Overview

Torrontés is indigenous to Argentina and produces an aromatic white wine. It grows mainly in the northwest region of Argentina, in high elevations throughout the province of Salta.

In Argentina, three varieties of Torrontés are recognized: Sanjuanino, Mendocino and Riojano. Torrontés Riojano is recognized for producing grapes of the highest quality, and results in a dry wine with a distinctive muscatel flavor. Torrontés is known as the emblematic white variety of Argentina.

While the wine evokes aromas usually associated as sweet, such as flowers and fruits, it is actually made in a dry style. There are usually floral notes such as orange blossom and jasmine, also citrus and tree fruits, and a touch of green herbs. It tastes crisp and refreshing even though Its aromas suggest a sweet wine.

Torrontés Riojano is characterized by its large, contorted, thick leaves. Its bunches are large, spherical berries, golden yellow, with a characteristic hue and a particular perfume. Torrontés is the most planted white grape in the country with approximately 26,287 acres.


Because of its light aromatic style and cold serving temperature (suggested at 40 F), Torrontés pairs well with Asian foods such as Thai and Indian as well as other foods featuring exotic spices. It also goes well with white meats and delicate fish and shellfish where the food will not overpower the delicate aromas and flavors in the wine.

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