Salta is located in the north of the country, where some of Argentina’s first vines were planted in the 1500’s. It is an extreme wine region of Argentina, with most of its vineyards located a mile or more above sea level. Cacti are seen growing throughout this region, where a bone-dry landscape is set against a backdrop of red rock canyons.

There are two primary wine growing regions within Salta province: the Calchaquí Valley, located in the foothills of the Andes, and in the areas surrounding Cafayate, a charming colonial city.

Temperatures are another extreme in this area, with summer days exceeding 100°F while dropping into the 50’sF overnight. Winters nights can reach almost 20°F.

While the days are searingly hot, at 6,000 feet and higher, the nights are cool allowing the grapes to keep acidity in check. Winemakers tame alcohol content by picking earlier and managing sun exposure.

One of Salta’s most outstanding wines is Torrontés Riojano, which in this region reaches aromatic perfection and is considered to be its finest expression. Reds excel as winemakers are extracting incredible color and concentration while alcohol and tannin are tempered by a refreshing natural acidity.