Thanksgiving Collection


  • Caelum Chardonnay 2018

  • Vinyes Ocults Malbec 2016

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  • Castizo Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

  • Sombrero Cabernet Franc 2017

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Out of stock

There’s lots to debate with family and friends at the Thanksgiving table, but one topic that will go undisputed is the best wines to serve with your meal. With our sommelier-curated Thanksgiving Box you’ll have the perfect pairing of four wines for your turkey and all of your side dishes.

This box of four wines pair well with foods in the typical Thanksgivings feast. The white wine brings well-balanced and fresh acidity, while the other three bottles will delight most red wines lovers without overpowering lighter turkey flavors. All of the wines demonstrate great acidity, which will cut through the creaminess, while the reds also offer soft tannins that will yield to and blend with your dishes.