Common Argentine Varietals Collection


  • Alma Gemela Bonarda 2018

  • Alma Gemela Pedro Ximenez 2018

  • Abras Torrontés 2017

  • Abras Malbec 2015

  • Avarizza Malbec 2015

  • Sombrero Cabernet Franc 2017

If you are a fan of wines from Argentina, this collection provides a selection of the red and white varietals that are most commonly grown and most popular in Argentina.

This box includes two Malbecs — one from Mendoza and the other from Salta — each highlighting the varying terroirs of these very different wine-growing regions of Argentina. In this Bonarda, the second most-grown varietal of Argentina, the treatment of the grapes on the vines and during the winemaking process produces a Bonarda with great quality and identity. Two whites — Pedro Ximenez and Torrontés — are treated as high-quality varietals and expertly elaborated. Finally, we include a Cabernet Franc, which has only recently gained popularity and much success, and is being planted at an increasing rate.