The name Caelum comes from the small constellation that can be seen from the southern hemisphere. It represents a chisel, the sculptor’s tool. As the chisel is to a sculptor, the hands are to the winemakers.

Caelum is a family-run boutique winery producing wine with 100% estate grown grapes. They produced their first vintage in 2009, after several years of growing and selling their grapes to nearby wineries. Their winery sits against a spectacular backdrop, the Andes mountain range, and is surrounded by vineyards as far as they eye can see. Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Torrontés, Chardonnay, Fiano, Pinot Noir, a few rows of Montepulciano and Petit Syrah are all grown here, alongside – charmingly – a small pistachio farm.

The winery is owned and run by Mercedes Díaz, who is also the agronomist. Her daughter Constanza (Coti) is a sommelier who manages tourism, marketing and communication, while her son Hernán is an industrial engineer in charge of production, logistics and commercial areas.

Together with their enologist, Giuseppe Franceschini, they produce 70,000 bottles of wine each year. With passion, their aim is to achieve the highest quality of wine while leaving a minimum impact on the environment. Agile wines, refreshing and virtuous acidity, of admirable complexity and great harmony, where the grape itself and the terroir are the protagonists.