Onofri Wines

If someone has know-how to combine tradition and innovation, and be credible, it is without doubt Mariana Onofri. The name of her Alma Gemela line, which means soulmate in English, was romantically selected to honor her life partner and husband, Ad├ín. Together, they passionately believe in “the revival of the grape will lead to the revival of the region”.

After more than 10 years of collaborating with some of the most renowned winemakers of Argentina and making wine for various private vineyard ownership projects, Mariana Onofri now presents her own line of wine. Combining tradition and innovation, credibility and authority, Mariana Onofri presents a portfolio of wines that showcases both the traditional and innovative grape varietals and winemaking styles in Argentina today.

The Onofri family owns vineyards in Lavalle, an oasis among the desert in the north of Mendoza. In this region, which has been historically known for its bulk grape production, Mariana hand-selects only the best grape clusters, which highlight aromas and acidity. The resulting wines are a masterpiece of art that will delight those who seek a truly unique gem of a wine.