Vinyes Ocults

The image of the skull on the label of Vinyes Ocults’ wine pays homage to Mexico, a land visited several years ago by oenologist, Tomás Stahringer, who arrived there on the Day of the Dead. In the Aztec culture, the skull is a tribute to life in the face of death. Tomás follows a philosophy that if you wake up every morning fearing death, you won’t be able to enjoy life.

Vinyes Ocults began as a garage winery in 2007 when Tomás started making wine out of the garage of his parents’ house. He knew he was onto something when the limited production of 550 bottles from that first vintage sold out in two months.

Tomás makes wine using grapes from his own vineyard in Tupungato, Uco Valley. Vinyes Ocults means “hidden vineyard” in the Catalan language and the name refers to the location of his vineyards: hidden among the poplar trees, and not easily accessible to a passer-by.

Tomás designs wines and sparkling wines that denote effort, passion and wisdom, and are wines that are born from the soul.