Wines of Sins

Wines of Sins is, for winemakers Agostina Astegiano and her husband Fabricio Hernández, the line between good and evil, the creative and the prosaic, the innovative and the traditional. Always playing on the edge and pushing limits, they see life as an adventure, and they manifest that philosophy in their line of Avarizza wines.

Starting in 2008, after earning oenology degrees, Agostina and Fabricio began developing their own wines. Looking to go beyond traditional winemaking, they began developing dynamic, innovative wines. They developed a passion for making wine which would continue to spark the wine drinker’s curiosity, and this has remained one of the driving forces behind their craft.

For Agostina, making wine results in facing unexpected challenges. This awakens her desire for constant improvement, of expectations, of desire to innovate and to try different theories. They produce small quantities of exceptional wines, which allows them to have maximum control over each stage of the process.

The wines’ virtue is the perfect combination of achieving the best quality grapes from the vineyard and performing impeccable work within the winery. This intelligent approach results in magnificent, imposing and powerful wines, where fruit and wood are amalgamated, achieving an optimal balance.